GeekSquad Academy


Being called “geek” isn't always a compliment. Geeks are historically the outcasts (even though I think being a geek is more fun). This collaborative 360 degree campaign shows just how much we should appreciate the geek. Best Buy's Geek Squad Academy brings STEM studies to underrepresented communities. Within the TV spot, social media elements, and three print ads, we imagined simple technological words that are comparatively recent additions to the “geek vocabulary. For educational use only.

GeekSquad Academy Commercial

:15 spots featuring what life would be like without the geek.


An event that will be hosted three days before the Geek Squad Academy begins it’s training school. Being stationed in Clark Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Students will experience a quick exercise in robotics where they will build their own personal miniature robot. This robot will also be personalized with extra attachments so each child can see their personality shine through the metal.